ITC Reporting

I'm proud to announce that this tournament will be reporting to ITC!

I decided to throw out random games before they start and just roll for them now.

Official time will be 10:00 AM till roughly 06:15 PM.

Game 1 at 10:15 - 12:45 Star Strike

Lunch at 12:45 - 01:15

Game 2 at 01:15 - 03:45 Shifting Objectives

Game 3 at 03:45 - 06:15 Scorched Earth

Awards at 06:15

If prize support allows it, there will be multiple prizes.

I will also be judging paint using the standard rubric. (3 color minimum)

If there are any questions feel free to email me you can also message me through Facebook.


Tournament will be held at HobbyTown Westminster 9120 Wadsworth Pkwy. Unit B 80021 there is a link to google maps.

Fee will be $20 due at check in.

3 games total all at 2,000 points using the ITC scoring rubric.

Lists will be due March 1st using all current warscrolls. You can Email your list to me at

We will be randomly selecting scenarios from the GHB 2018 right before the games begin.

Hope to see you there!